Thursday, August 13, 2009

SF Kickball or Bizzaro Studio

So my commute to Rossi Fields in SF is a rough one. Step 1: Drive to Richmond. Step 2: Bart to Montgomery Station. Step 3: Bus to Presidio. Step 4: Bus to Rossi Fields. The fields are really nice, two baseball diamonds, but they opt to still play on the grass. We played Sloshball, basically same kickball rules but a beer must always be in hand. It is obvious that this league is all about partying. The Bar is just down the street so everyone walks which is great. The bar is called Irelands 32 and they have really great drink specials and it's next to a Burger King. Everyone on our team is really good, our pitcher is crazy awesome and all of the girls seem really athletic. I can see how this team runs shop at nationals.

Here are some pics from last nights adventure:

The Bar

Flippy cup

Dax and Bizzaro Slowpez

This guy is always going to be the drunkest guy

Dax and Daniel

Challenged dude on the right to a Beard contest

Flippin some cup

Rolling Blackouts new recruits

Group Shot

The people on the right at the bus stop hated us.

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  1. This just seems weird seeing you all on a kickball team playing flip cup in Northern Cali. Somehow I feel like I should be there.