Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So I have arrived Safely in the East Bay. I drove all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco last Saturday. Since my Dad was pulling a U-haul trailer with all of my stuff we had to drive about 55 the entire time, which was fine with me since that is the speed I feel the most comfortable driving. If my Dad went one mile an hour faster the trailer would start to rock back and forth and several times the trailer swerved into other lanes. Following behind eating cheez-its, it was like watching a an action film, staring my Dad, Big Dave the unstoppable U-haul master. Everything is pretty much unpacked after about three days and already I've done some pretty fun stuff. I went with my mom and brother to the Dodger Giants game on Monday night, and Giants fans are boring. On Sunday night we took the Bart into town and watched Wicked at the Orpheum, my mom loves musicals, every one she sees is her favorite.

Here are some photos from the baseball game and my new place. I got this really awesome office chair. It is for Lisa when I move back.

Beer of the 32 oz variety

Batting Practice

Coca Cola Slide




Living Room

Dinning Room


Mad Men chair

More to come soon. Goodnight Los Angeles, I miss you dearly.


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  1. LA misses you dearly as well, okay maybe just North Hollywood misses you. Good luck browntown.